Natural Childbirth Books

If you’re looking for a natural childbirth book, there are many excellent choices. These include Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth, The Bradley Method, Rhea Dempsey’s Birth with Confidence, and Dr. Bill and Martha Sears’ Unassisted Childbirth. These books are designed to help you have an empowered and positive experience. Listed below are some of my favorites.

Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

America’s leading midwife, Ina May Gaskin, has been delivering babies for three decades and shares her wisdom in Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbearing. This book shows how to facilitate a beautiful natural birth. You will learn why birthing naturally is the best way to give birth and why it will go so much smoother if you don’t interfere with the birthing process.

Rhea Dempsey’s Birth with Confidence

If you want a comprehensive guide to childbirth, look no further than Rhea Dempsey’. Her book provides guidance for navigating the maternity system and birthing your baby in a woman-centred way. The book’s content is divided into six chapters and includes resources, further reading, and acknowledgements. In addition to her personal story, Rhea discusses the physiological aspects of childbirth and the psychological and emotional impacts of childbirth.

Dr. Bill and Martha Sears’ Unassisted Childbirth

While you might not expect it, Dr. Bill and Martha Sears’ Unassisted Childbirth provides solid evidence-based information on childbirth and parenting. The authors emphasize the baby’s role in the birthing process and the emotional aspect of giving birth. Although they may use hippy language, the book is timeless and will remain useful for many years to come. The book is a compilation of supplements from their class Birthing from Within, which provides exercises to help parents prepare for the arrival of their little one.

Kitzinger’s Orgasmic Birth

The phenomenon of orgasmic birth is hardly new. During the second stage of labour, many women experience intensely sexual feelings. In Kitzinger’s Orgasmic Birth, Viv Groskop explores this controversy. Kitzinger writes with a voice of personal experience, and her writing brims with compassion and humanity. It is a must-read for any woman who wishes to give birth in a way that is meaningful to her.