What to Take to the Hospital When Your Daughter is Having a Baby

Preparation is key when going to the hospital for your daughter’s delivery. Bring your picture ID, birth plan, and extra copies. Also, bring a cell phone. You may need to charge multiple electronics. Make sure to pack enough chargers for each device. Listed below are some of the most important items to pack for your daughter’s hospital stay. Listed below are some other things you’ll need to take.


While many of the tasks involved in preparing for a new baby can be learned on the job, some things can be prepared in advance. For example, knowing how to prepare the house and the nursery before the baby arrives can make your life much easier. Educating your child about the upcoming baby will help them understand what will happen and what to expect. Educating them on childbirth is especially important because they may want to learn how to give birth.


When packing to bring to the hospital when your daughter is having t her baby, consider what she will wear home and what she will wear while in the hospital. You may find matching outfits for all of you. If your daughter likes to wear a colorful pillow case, it’s a good idea to pack a pillow as well. Flip-flops may be more comfortable than the hospital shoes. Slippers are also great to wear when you visit the hospital and can’t walk far.


Time management is a key aspect of new parenthood. A new baby comes with a ton of stuff and has its own ideas about how the day should be planned. Experts advise that you change your organizing style once the baby arrives. They include Debbie Rosemont, a professional organizer and owner of Simply Placed, and Kathy Peel, a national family management expert and author of The Family Manager Saves the Day.

Contact lenses

If your daughter needs contact lenses, you should prepare them ahead of time. You can use the Hospital Eye Service to get free lenses for your daughter. Children under the age of 16 and in full-time education can qualify. A signature is required for each pair of replacement lenses. If you’re unsure whether your daughter will need contact lenses, you can fill out the statutory contact lens form and return it to the hospital.


If you want to help your daughter feel more relaxed and at peace while she’s in the hospital, consider taking some lavender essential oil with you. Lavender is a popular essential oil for use during labor. It’s especially beneficial for mothers who have trouble resting in between contractions. For more information about the benefits of lavender for labor, you can contact a certified acupuncturist. Kate Reil has a Master of Science and Doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine. She has completed a residency at NYU Langone Hospital and is licensed in acupuncture.

Personal hospital gown or pajamas

Whether your daughter has a long or short torso, personal hospital pajamas or maternity nursing gowns are great gift ideas for the upcoming baby shower. Hospital gowns can be a pain in the butt and are typically not comfortable for the expectant mother. While they are comfortable for the hospital staff to wear, they may not be comfortable for your daughter to wear.

Taking a bouquet

Sending flowers to a newly-minted mom is an ideal gift for the new mother. The new mom will likely be busy recovering from the birth, preparing for the baby’s arrival and tending to her own needs. However, it is customary to wait until two weeks after the birth, as new moms are more likely to appreciate a visit and a gift than they are when they are just beginning to adjust to life with a newborn.

Documenting first few hours of a baby’s life

Taking photographs of the first few hours of a newborn’s life is an incredibly special moment. Newborns spend a lot of time studying faces, and they may even react to your voice. This is because they use all of their senses to identify their surroundings, and the photos you take will provide a wonderful record of the first days of life for your daughter.