Unassisted Pregnancy

If you’re considering giving birth on your own, unassisted pregnancy may be the right choice for you. While assisted childbirth is often a shared experience, unassisted birth allows you complete privacy. Many hospitals encourage large crowds during childbirth, but some people prefer a more intimate environment. Moreover, you can control how many people visit you during your labor and delivery. In contrast, assisted childbirth limits visitors to a few who will be present during delivery, while an unassisted birth allows unlimited visitors after delivery.

Unassisted childbirth is a physiological process

While there are many advantages to using assisted care during childbirth, a minority of women prefer to have their babies without the help of a medical professional. This method is known as freebirthing, and differs from “concealed” pregnancy, which is characterized by denial about being pregnant. It also differs from restricted access to maternity services, in which women actively choose not to seek the help of medical personnel.

It is becoming more popular

If you’re not in labor by 42 weeks, your doctor will likely recommend induction, which involves using medicines to ripen the cervix and contract the uterus. Judith, however, refused medical advice and the sterile hospital, choosing to give birth at home with her husband and closest friends. She also refused to have the baby in a cesarean section. This type of birth is called unassisted pregnancy, or freebirth.

It can be a rewarding experience

Whether you choose to give birth at home or in a hospital, unassisted pregnancy is a personal decision. If you want to avoid the high cost of hospital care or just want to avoid the clinical side of birth, unassisted pregnancy may be for you. While a hospital birth can be safe, some women may not want all the interventions and medications that a hospital environment can offer. If you decide to deliver your baby at home, you will be able to control who comes to visit, as well as who stays afterward.

It is legal in every state

Although unassisted childbirth is becoming more common in the United States, there are still some concerns about this practice. Despite the fact that it is a legal option in every state, many birth professionals think unassisted childbirth is not as safe as it is made out to be. Some women who have experienced bad experiences with medical professionals have chosen to opt out of unassisted childbirth. Others worry that their partner’s health or the safety of their child will be at risk.