My Wife is in Labor! What Should I Do?

“My wife is in labor!” You may be wondering. Is your voice wagging in frustration or boredom? The fact is, she’s in labor, and you want to know what to do. Here are some things to keep in mind. First, stay present. Do not complain, act bored, or act bored! And, most importantly, breathe through the contractions! You’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes.

Be present

Being present when your wife is in labor is important during this time. Although it takes a long time, it’s a natural part of the birth process. If you are nearby, you can be supportive and encouraging. It’s also helpful to put on a movie or a TV show for her, bring snacks, and play a birth playlist. Remember that it’s your wife’s moment, so follow her lead and be ready with your own tricks!

While the birth process can seem scary for the woman, your presence can help her feel safe. By being present and supportive, you will be a tremendous help to her. You can even offer a massage or a pedicure to help her feel comfortable while she’s in labor. If you are able to be present and supportive during this time, she’ll feel more confident about giving birth. It can also help if you’re able to keep yourself calm.

Do not complain or act bored

If you’re the husband of a wife who is in labor, it may seem like a tough job. It’s not easy for a woman to be alone with a newborn, but there are many ways to comfort her and keep her calm. One way is by rubbing her back and neck with ice chips. While some people don’t like being touched while they are in labor, others will welcome a simple back rub or neck rub. If you’re not sure whether to interact with your wife during labor, just go with the flow and ask the nurse any questions you may have.

Do not act bored

If your partner is in labor, don’t get too bored. A contraction in labor lasts 60 seconds and you can squeeze her hand to make it stop. If your partner is bored, she’ll probably just snooze. But there are a number of things you can do to keep her occupied during each contraction. One idea is to take up a new activity. “Avoid being bored,” says Arsenault, RN, IBCLC and author of “The Baby Nurse Bible.”

Boredom is disruptive. It’s time to spice things up. It may be time to start over in your relationship or change the way you spend your time with your partner. Make an effort to find something fun to do together and make changes in your life. You might also be experiencing deeper issues that are affecting your relationship. In this case, it’s important to seek counseling. If your wife is in labor, don’t ignore her. You need to be able to communicate with her and help her through the process.

Breathe through contractions

One of the first things you can do to help your wife get through her labor is to practice breathing through contractions. During labor, women should breathe slowly through their mouths, focusing on one area on the contractions and exhaling longer breaths every four to five seconds. Then, when contractions are over, take a long, relaxing breath. While your wife is in labor, she will be tempted to push, so remember to breathe through each contraction gently. Don’t pant, either – it will only make things worse.

When your wife is in labor, you can try practicing a breathing technique called organizing breath. It helps a woman stay relaxed and focused, and it also helps the baby’s head to come down. The goal is to breathe through each contraction while focusing on your partner or your wife. Once you know this technique, you’ll have no trouble breathing through your contractions, and your wife will thank you for it.