Glass Bottles Breast Milk Collection System

Glass bottles are a popular choice among parents and caregivers. Besides being comfortable to hold, they feature molded measurement markings so that the caregiver can know how much milk is in the bottle. They also feature slow-flow nipples with micro-air vents. Moreover, they are made of tempered glass, which makes them safe for babies. So, parents can be assured of their child’s safety. These glass bottles are great for expressing breast milk.


The HEVEA glass bottles breast milk collection system comes with two calibrated, spill-proof glass bottles. The bottles are made from 100% borosilicate glass and do not retain any particles, flavours, or heat. The bottles also come with leak-proof dust covers. They are compatible with all Avent pumps and tops. They are also easy to clean, and come with two silicone nipples and a silicone sleeve to protect your baby’s skin from bacterial contamination.

Philips Avent

Parents love the Philips Avent glass bottles for breast milk because they’re easy to clean and have built-in anti-colic features. These bottles are also made of pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass, a substance similar to Pyrex. The bottles can go straight from the fridge to the baby’s warm water and they don’t break when placed in the dishwasher. These bottles are also easy to grip.

Dr. Brown’s

For a more natural breastfeeding experience, Dr. Brown’s glass bottles for breast milk offer a wide neck design that enables a smooth transition from breast to bottle. Designed in partnership with medical professionals, the bottle features an ergonomic, contoured nipple that makes latching easier. High-grade silicone and a smooth design help eliminate the problem of nipple confusion.

Chicco NaturalFit

The internal straw-style vent helps preserve the vitamins in breast milk and is easily removable as your baby grows. It also has a wide neck that makes it easier to clean. While some users have complained of glass chips or cracks, the bottle is dishwasher safe and comes with a silicone sleeve to prevent the bottles from slipping out of your hand. You can also sterilize these bottles in a hotel room microwave.

Evenflo Feeding Balance

The Evenflo Feeding Balance glass bottle set is perfect for introducing your newborn to the world of bottle feeding. The curved design of the bottle allows for easy cradling and gripping for the baby. Besides that, the anti-colic nipple valve reduces the amount of air the baby consumes during feedings. The wide base makes it easy to clean. This is a must have for busy households. However, this set is pricey. So, you may want to try a few bottles first before purchasing.


The breast milk storage system for NUK glass bottles is based on the design of a human breast. The bottle is made from borosilicate glass that is extra durable and thermal shock resistant. The bottle’s white numbers are easy to read against the white milk. This makes the bottle a good choice for babies who alternate between breast and bottle. There are a few disadvantages to using NUK glass bottles, however.