How Do Babies Know When to Come Out of the Womb?

As your baby grows in the womb, several changes will take place. You’ll notice that the baby’s eyes are formed in the first trimester, and are closed shut until the seventh month. Once these eyes open, however, they cannot see clearly, since there is very little light inside the uterus. Some doctors have noted that the fetus will turn away from a bright light in the womb, but some believe the fetus can detect the faint glow of your stomach.

Developing a sense of smell

Your baby’s sense of smell starts developing in the womb, and you might be surprised to know that you prefer certain tastes and scents when pregnant. Smell is an important sense for a baby during its first year of life and helps him or her find food and bond with his or her mother. During pregnancy, your baby’s sense of smell is the most developed.

Developing a sense of taste

Developing a sense of taste begins during pregnancy. The womb produces taste receptor cells that communicate with the brain to identify tastes. The brain can identify the five basic tastes. In the past, people believed that different parts of the tongue were responsible for detecting different tastes. However, it is true that taste cells can sense the same flavor no matter what part of the tongue is involved. As a result, babies develop a sense of taste at birth. As they grow, the way they react to different tastes and textures changes too.

Developing a sense of hearing

Research conducted by doctors at the University of Belfast suggests that fetuses have been exposed to sounds for weeks before they are born, and are eager to learn more when they meet humans. One study found that a prenatal exposure to a particular tune can help newborns recognize subtle changes in loudness. Similarly, exposing newborns to the same tunes during pregnancy can help them learn about the sounds of their own mothers’ voices and other objects.

Learning to move

When babies come out of the womb, many things have changed. For one thing, their bodies are completely different from their mothers’. As a result, their movements and reactions are often different from those of their mother. Until the second trimester, many expectant mothers are unaware of their baby’s movements. Now, they’re beginning to understand their newborns’ movements and will be more prepared for the time they’re born.

Developing a sense of balance

The vestibular system is a complex system inside the human body, and it helps the body perceive its position by sending signals to the brain. When we move or fall, this system helps us keep our balance and feel safe while moving. Babies also develop this system when they are first born, which is why it’s important for them to develop their sense of balance as soon as possible.