WRS Group and Childbirth Graphics

The WRS Group, the parent company of Childbirth Graphics, is dedicated to the development of innovative 3-D displays and educational print products. The WRS Group was founded in the 1960s by Wayman R. Spence, a pioneering anti-smoking advocate. With offices in Texas and the United Kingdom, WRS distributes thousands of educational products to more than 100 countries worldwide. While it’s not possible to visit all of the locations where WRS produces products, a video gallery of childbirths will help you decide which is best for your family.

Natural homebirths

One of the biggest decisions for a woman considering a natural childbirth is choosing the care of her labor and delivery. It is important to find a midwife or doctor who supports natural childbirth. Natural childbirth can be challenging and may last longer than anticipated. If you are considering natural childbirth, here are some tips to make your experience as smooth as possible. Also, remember to ask about any medications your provider might prescribe.

Medicated hospital births

While the United Kingdom has long espoused the value of non-medical childbirth, recent data from Scandinavia have suggested otherwise. These countries, like Sweden and Norway, do not have a high rate of cesarean section, and their philosophy of childbirth as a physiological process places a premium on minimizing the number of interventions. The increase in caesareans has been attributed to the increased preference of women for cesarean birth. The results of this study are a cautionary tale for all health care providers.


There are a number of advantages of waterbirth during childbirth, including a lower risk for both mother and baby. A skilled team of care providers will keep the water at a 98-degree temperature to avoid stressing the baby during labor. During the labor, the pregnant woman is encouraged to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. The heightened heart rate during childbirth may be a sign of distress or infection, and the care team will do its best to ensure the baby’s safety.

Video gallery of childbirths

A video gallery of childbirths is a fascinating source of information for expectant parents. They can learn about different types of birthing methods, including unassisted birth, caesarean, twin, and midwife-attended home births. A video gallery of childbirths offers a wealth of information for both expectant mothers and doctors. Many women have never seen a childbirth on television or in a movie. These films often feature dramatic birth situations and extreme pain.

Endorphins in childbirth

In unmedicated childbirth, endorphins naturally increase, triggering a state of calm and euphoria. The natural morphine-like effects of endorphins make it easier for women to cope with the painful and stressful experience of childbirth. These hormones also make the mother feel alert and able to initiate breastfeeding after giving birth. As endorphin levels increase during childbirth, it may be possible to induce labour with synthetic prostaglandin inserted into the vagina.

Photos of babies’ first moments after birth

Newborn photos are important to preserve precious memories. They do not need props or elaborate poses. You don’t need to spend hours editing the pictures after the fact. Instead, try to capture the baby in its most natural pose. Move the baby’s bassinet into better light to get a good detail shot. And try to get a shot of the new baby’s sign. The more natural the light, the better.