Sanctum Natural Birth Center Reviews

Sanctum Natural Birth Center is an excellent option for natural childbirth. This clinic has a team of skilled medical professionals and a non-medical staff that can offer you the best care. They use advanced tools and techniques to treat your childbirth needs. Their prices are also very reasonable, and patients can book an appointment online through Zealthy. There are many reasons to choose The Sanctum for your childbirth needs.

Natural Childbirth

The Sanctum is a collaborative homelike natural birth center with a mission to make childbirth normal. They recently produced a video titled “Birthing with Love”, which reflects on their 1,000 natural childbirths over the last decade. The film, which has its world premiere on May 5, is a reflection on a new paradigm in natural birth. Dr Vijaya Krishnan has dedicated her life to educating parents and changing the way they think about childbirth.

The Sanctum is home to a highly-experienced medical team, as well as non-medical staff. They use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the highest possible quality of care for their patients. They also offer excellent prices for their services. Patients can easily book an appointment at The Sanctum – Natural Birth Center online through Zealthy. The reviews provided by other mothers are a great help when deciding on a birth center.

Dr Vijaya Krishnan

Among the many positive aspects of the Sanctum Natural Birth Center are its excellent team of medical professionals, led by US-certified midwife Dr Vijaya Krishnan. She is an advocate of motherhood and has conceived over a thousand children. As a thought leader and a relentless campaigner for changes in childbirth practices, she understands the needs of pregnant women and their babies.

The Sanctum Natural Birth Center reviews are often positive. The staff is amazing, from the nurses to the sisters to the receptionist and security guard. The midwife Vijaya Krishnan has a very calming presence and is a great role model for expectant mothers. She and her team put the mother at the center of their universe. They don’t subject her to unnecessary tests and procedures.

Experience of medical team

The Sanctum is a home-like collaborative natural birth center where mothers are encouraged to deliver their babies naturally, and a medical team is on hand for back-up. The center’s success rate has soared to 92%, with a high proportion of VBACs and natural births. Its success rate is so high, in fact, that the Sanctum has been trusted by mothers from around the world.

The medical team is composed of highly qualified practitioners and dedicated non-medical staff. They use cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure the best care for new moms, and they offer affordable treatments. Patients can book an appointment online through Zealthy, an online provider. Once they’ve selected the best birth center, they can enjoy the benefits of a personalized, holistic approach to their health. The Sanctum – Natural Birth Center offers a complete range of services and is a premier choice for women seeking infertility treatment in the Hyderabad region.


The Sanctum – Natural Birth Center is one of the leading maternity hospitals in Hyderabad. They offer all types of birthing options, including natural water births and IVF. The facility uses advanced medical equipment and offers non-medical staff to assist in the delivery process. Patients can find out about the cost of a birthing experience by booking an appointment online through Zealthy. The clinic is also known for its high standards of care.

A recent government study examined the outcomes of women who gave birth at birth centers. The results were impressive: higher breastfeeding rates, lower rates of preterm labor, and lower cesarean delivery. The benefits of a natural birth center outweigh the costs. But it is not without its drawbacks. Here are a few of them. Listed below are some of the costs of a birth at a natural birth center.