Are You Ready to Wean?

Mothers can nurse their babies for as long as both they and their children wish to continue. Children will wean all by themselves when they are developmentally ready to do so. Your milk continues to provide both food and health benefits even after your baby has begun to eat other foods. In fact, it continues… Continue reading Are You Ready to Wean?

Maternal Mental Health

Pregnant with Nothing but Anxiety by Cortney Jaye

I am a highly educated writer and just wanted to get the most out of life like all people do when they realize life is precious. In 2013, I started pursuing my master’s degree in order to have better career opportunities, then I told myself I would focus on dating after graduation. A degree that… Continue reading Pregnant with Nothing but Anxiety by Cortney Jaye

Parenting Choices

Gentle C-Sections

I had the opportunity to guest blog for Tales of a Messy Motherhood and wanted to reshare on my own platform. I would never think I would share about birth via caesarean. However I came to gather knowledge on this form of birth because my breech baby wouldnt turn. I will be honest I'd heard… Continue reading Gentle C-Sections

Maternal Mental Health

The Invisible Child by Dr. Tiffanie Williams

I was at a networking event sitting at a table of about six women under a sparsely shaded area outside in the sweltering summer heat. Half of us sipped on wine while the other half fanned ourselves profusely to keep from melting in our chairs. To my right, was a young woman, noticeably pregnant. We… Continue reading The Invisible Child by Dr. Tiffanie Williams