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Mama Wellness : Heritage Apothecary Signature Smudge Box

Energy is like air and is a living breathing force that has the power to dictate our days.

In a journey of wellness balance, I believe energy cleansing can always do the spirit and soul good on the bad days.

In my own wellness journey of anxiety and mood imbalance ; I began to incorporate meditation, yoga and metaphysical studies into my life. This helped me learn the ins and outs of energy, how we define it, can master, transform and transfer it. It helped me learn to regulate my breathing during anxious moments and panic attacks, as well as practicing pulling back when I needed sacred SELF time.

I smudge my home weekly; my family is on board and our son loves to help me set up for our cleansing ceremony. Yoga and meditation is how me and my son (who also deals with anxiety) start each morning.

You would be surprised how energy is integrated into our lives, and how meditative techniques can calm the most chaotic days.

This Signature Smudge Box from Heritage Apothecary is the perfect remedy for energy clearing, intention setting and focused meditation. I have a special treat in store at the end of this post!

Smudging is an ancient indigenous incense burning practice. It is especially helpful for channeling inner peace, clearing mental space, and inviting balance after negative energy or disagreements (calm after the storm). 

This kit is BEAUTIFUL! I am so in love with the packaging – all contents are inside an amazing hand carved wooden keepsake box. This alone makes it a well worth it purchase.

The sage and lavender have a wonderful scent. These are 2 scents I often use in my home for my wellness space – where all of my healing crystals and stones reside. The abalone shell is a adds such a warm and fresh touch. As a practitioner of Yoruba , it definitely gives a Yemaya vibe. One of my most favorite places to meditate is by the ocean.

After cleansing my house using this smudge kit, I immediately felt a more positive vibe. I just wanted to DANCE! I felt so light and so happy – a wonderful feeling as a mama who goes in and out of big intense emotions.

As a Post Partum Depressiom WARRIOR this is a great pick me up when I need to get a handle on my self worth and energy.

Contents Include:

California white sage smudge stick with an organic lavender bouquet – create for energy cleansing and purification.

Palo Santo stick – representing the invitation of love and kindness (great for home blessings!)

Abalone shell to rest your smoldering smudge stick on

Amethyst cluster symbolizing divination and peace (crystal size ranges from 2-4”)

1 oz bag of black sand – use this to fill the abalone shell (serves as heat conductor and ash catcher)

1 golden taper candle – for lighting your smudge stick and palo santo

Black goose feather carrying the energy of protection, commonly used to waft smudge smoke

Dried floral bouquet (non-toxic)- organic Kent beauty oregano flowers, organic lavender stems, organic German statice, organic globe amaranth, organic mountain mint; which can be used for incense

What I also love is many of the contents will be able to be used over a long span of time; the black sand can be re-used for MANY smudge sessions; Amethyst can be carried/worn/use for meditation for a life span. The only items that would need replenishing are the sage and palo santo sticks and even they will last quite a bit because smudging doesnt burn the entire stick. The smoke lingers quite a while and burns out on its own. With weekly use you can easily be able to use these items a few months minimum.

This is just a beautiful,sacred kit; blessed with authenicity – great for personal use or to be given as a gift.

Want a Box for 20% Off? Here’s My Code!

This ships fast, all contents in tact and is well worth the money spent – and who doesnt like a good discount!

I’d love to know your thoughts if you purchase!

You can check out more of Heritage Apothecary’s products here:

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