DIY Water Paint Slip n’ Slide

What a fun idea and way we ended the school year this year!

This slip n’ slide was inspired by a fellow mom DIY’er Coffee & Confetti Mom.

This fun summer activity is also great in general for the summer; cookout , birthday party or any other fun in the sun celebration!

The paint is toxic and stain free and by the time the kids were finished and we hosed off, you couldn’t even tell they’d been playing in paint!

This took some time, but it was a pretty easy set up that took me and my husband an hour to complete.

We ran into the issue of getting “pre-drilled wood” as specified in the craft I was inspired by. The assembly called for a pre-drilled 2x4x8 you would then nail into the ground to stabilize the slip and slide.

No hardware had pre drilled wood! We dont own a drill to do it ourselves. So, we had to get a little creative.

We got almost all of our materials from Lowe’s (with exception of the paints, buckets and pool noodles) and in total spent $70 to make:



2x4x8 Plywood – $2.99

Long handled digging shovel

(8)- 3-pack 8.5 in Galvanized Steel Edging Stakes – $2.48/each

**If you wish to cover the tops of the edging stakes you can dip them in Plasti Dip (4hr drying is required)

(2) 11in Plastic Landscaping Stakes – $2.38/each

Painter’s Plastic Sheeting 12×50 ft – $12.99/each

Dollar Store:

(12) Pool Noodles

(4) Buckets


(8) 16oz Craftsmart Tempera Paint – $1.99/each


1. Roll the 2x4x8 with the top of the plastic sheeting – this will be the top of the slip n’ slide

2. Dig the length of the 2x4x8 , as deep as the width of the board (this honestly is what took the longest)

3. Bang the board in the ground, then secure the wood into the ground on both ends with a landscaping stake.

4. Wrap both sides of the plastic sheeting around the pool noodles (6 on each side) ; secure each noodle with 2 steel edged stakes

5. Fill each bucket with paint and water. We filled most of the bucket with water and I allowed the kids to take turns squirting a few ounces of paint into each bucket

6. Hose your slip and slide, we also used dish soap to get the slide mildly soapy to help the kids slide more easily

7. Dump the buckets at the same time and have fun!!

Between our 8 bottles of paint, the kids got about 6 paint slide sessions, which lasted about an hour. (We also had a pool and water guns).

While we spent about $20 extra dollars to hack how we’d secure the wood, this was a great investment for many future paint plays. In the future we’ll only need to purchase more plastic and paints which isnt bad at all.

We plan to host another cookout with the Water Paint Slip n’ Slide before school starts in August and will add 2-3 more buckets of different paint colors.

If you try this, I hope all have as much fun as we did!!

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