Choo Choo Train Breakfast

Since becoming a SAHM i found a hobby in food art! Its considered an extra meal step for some but for me it helps me to stay connected with my culinary background and I like challenging myself with themed meals and snacks for my kids.

I started doing food art themes when we began BLW with our youngest 3 months ago. It made meal time more interesting and fun for her. I found with our oldest (the picky eater) making these types of meals also encouraged him to try everything on his plate with little to no hassle and he looks forward to them too.

When I originally posted this on my social media I recieved alot of feedback and some inquiries on how to recreate the image.

So below is the recipe , Enjoy!


2 Waffles




Melted chocolate chips or Hazelnut Spread


1. Prepare waffles per packaging instructions. (You can also make batter and make them yourself) Cut desired train car shape from your waffles. Here I created the engine by cutting an “L” shape that is 2×5 squares long and 2×4 squares tall. Create additional train cards that are 2×4 squares long.

2. Create train tracks by drawing with the hazelnut spread. Place the train cards in line with the train tracks.

3. Place grapes underneath the train cards to create the wheels.

4. Create the pilot on the front of your train with a slice of strawberry. Cap off the top of the engine car with another slice of strawberry. Create the smoke stack with a small chunk of strawberry. Finish off the smoke stack with a cloud of cheese strips (I used a mozzarella pull apart stick and broke it into smaller pieces). Chop up additional strawberry chunks and place them in your train cars.

5. Spread chopped kiwi below and on the sides of the train tracks to create the grass.

6. You can personalize this (as pictured) with hazelnut spread as well

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