July is Minority Mental Health Month. There is such a disparity of knowledge and support in the black community ; largely due to negative stimga about mental health. We break those barriers and have the necessary conversations to restore healing within this series:

Why You Should Go to Therapy Whether You Feel “Okay” or Not by Shantel Chambers

The Silent Struggle by Latoya Addy

What Losing my Son Taught Me About Grief, Depression by Caroline Jefferson

“I Dont Need Your Pity” by Brittany Chatman

Look What Love Made is for all moms – new, seasoned , expecting. Covering topics we all can relate to in some variant and transparently sharing some of my own. If its correlated to motherhood – its discussed here. You’ll find recipes , crafts, free printable activities, as well as informative perspectives and resources on various parenting topics. If you breastfeed, you can also find reputable breastfeeding tips and info I’ve compiled as an IBCLC.

I’m a married mom of 2 , my oldest is high functioning Autistic and has ADHD. I am also a PPD warrior who believes mental wellness matters and it is important to not lose yourself in your motherhood.

In sharing on various topics, I like to relate with other moms in our community in regard to the many layers of motherhood. I am an advocate of embracing your motherhood; reminding moms that while we all have different experiences we still have so much in common.

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